for Versatile Writing

Master Classes for Iowa's Young Writers


The Lloyd-Jones Residency for Versatile Writing: Master Classes for Iowa’s Young Writers  links high school students and their English teachers in urban and rural Iowa communities with the resources of the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing Program, in collaboration with the English Education program in the College of Education.


Our initiative combines intensive writing instruction with an immersive experience in higher education for rural and urban  high schoolers.  Teachers will participate with their students as they engage in the art and craft of nonfiction writing, practice workshop methods, and experience varied kinds of responses to writing.  It is a short but deep introduction to the creative nonfiction genre, and particularly to versatile writing: persuasive, informative, and expressive.


We name the The Lloyd-Jones Residency for Richard  (“Jix”) Lloyd-Jones, a legendary UI English professor who devoted his career to research on writing and the teaching of writing.  Jix’s career-long work with Iowa teachers and K-12 students remains a model of teaching passion and academic intelligence.


After his death, Jix's wife Jean, a longtime Iowa legislator, decided to honor his lifelong commitment to Iowa and to writing  by sponsoring an educational project for Iowa students. Jean in turn met many times with Bonnie Sunstein of Iowa's English Education and Nonfiction Writing Program to design the Lloyd-Jones Residency, in consultation with an advisory board of colleagues. Jean’s generous grant, along with a Community Impact Grant from the Provost’s Office for Outreach and Engagement, makes this program possible.





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